WTTS Top 10 Power Rankings: August 2018

The Boston Red Sox continue to dominate MLB with a perfect score for the second consecutive month. The Red Sox lead all of baseball in W-L% and Rdiff and are looking like an unstoppable force this season. If they continue along this path, the Red Sox are looking at a 111 win season. The next best team, the New York Yankees, are on pace for a 103 win season.

While our leaderboards this past month were pretty evenly split – six AL teams and four NL teams – the top five teams feature four American League (AL) teams. The top three teams ranking one, two, and three in W-L% and Rdiff. The Yankees and Astros are technically tied in the rankings BUT, as I stated in our first power ranking, ties are decided by pythWL, expected record based on Rdiff.

The Cleveland Indians and the Oakland A’s are emerging as serious threats in the AL. The Indians jumped from the 10 spot in July to FOUR in the month of August. The A’s jumped from SEVEN in July to SIX in August. In the NL, Atlanta is emerging as a force, having not been ranked in the top 10 in July to ranking EIGHT in the month of August.

The Seattle Mariners continue to falter. While they have a top 10 record in all of baseball, their Rdiff is in the negatives. In the NL, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers are going toe to toe in the west. LA’s high-octane offense, however, is leaving the D’Backs in the dust. Also, having just bolstered their bullpen by adding Ryan Madson from the Nats this past deadline, LA looks to secure the division before October arrives.

Here’s the breakdown:

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 11.04.25 AM.png
Columns 1-3: W-L% Rankings | Columns 4-6: Rdiff Rankings | Columns 7-9: Power Rankings

Here are your rankings:


1. Boston Red Sox

Record: 93 – 43 | Previous Ranking: 1


2. Houston Astros

Record: 82 – 53 | Previous Ranking: 3


3. New York Yankees

Record: 85 – 50 | Previous Ranking: 2


4. Cleveland Indians

Record:  77 – 57 | Previous Ranking: 10


5. Chicago Cubs

Record: 79 – 55 | Previous Ranking: 4


6. Oakland Athletics

Record: 81 – 55 | Previous Ranking: 7


7. Los Angeles Dodgers

Record: 73 – 62 | Previous Ranking: 5


8. Atlanta Braves

Record: 74 – 60 | Previous Ranking: Not Ranked


9. Milwaukee Brewers

Record: 76 – 60 | Previous Ranking: 8


10. Seattle Mariners

Record: 75 – 60 | Previous Ranking: 6

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