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Vince Gilligan Finally Puts This ‘Breaking Bad’ Fan Theory to Rest

Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad

After years of speculation, the creator of ‘Breaking Bad,’ Vince Gilligan has finally put this popular fan theory to rest.

Vince Gilligan‘s ‘Breaking Bad’ is commonly referred to as one of the best TV shows of all-time. Though it only ran for five seasons, the show has yielded a successful spinoff series in ‘Better Call Saul’ and a Netflix feature film ‘El Camino.”

What’s more, in the age of YouTube and Reddit, ‘Breaking Bad’ has also produced a slew of fan theories. One such fan theory, that Walter White survived the ‘Breaking Bad’ world and entered witness protection as Hal in ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ gained so much traction, that the Series’ DVD box-set included an alternate ending lending credence to it.

While promoting the upcoming Netflix movie ‘El Camino’ on The Rich Eisen Show, Gilligan finally put this fan theory to rest. Around the 8-minute mark of the interview, Eisen asks Gilligan if Walter White is dead. To the surprise of many, Gilligan answered in the affirmative, “Yes, Walter White is dead.”

He did leave open the possibility of Mr. White making an appearance in ‘El Camino,’ which is set to debut on Netflix on October 11th.

So, there you have it. If Walter White did, in fact, die in the last episode of ‘Breaking Bad,’ then there is no possibility that he has taken on the personality of Hal in ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ while on witness protection.

The fan theories connecting ‘Bad’ and ‘Malcolm; don’t end there, however. Another such theory claims that Mr. White is actually Malcolm as an adult.


While we don’t have evidence to disprove this second theory, it is highly unlikely that there is any legitimacy to it. It is fun to speculate, however.

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