The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World

The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World
Top Five Bachateros: Romeo Santos
Romeo Santos, Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC

Romeo Santos (#1)

It’s hard to imagine that the once frontman of the bachata boy band Aventura has catapulted himself to the number one slot in the top five bachateros list. Especially when you consider that his fourth solo studio album, Utopia, was just recently released.

Romeo has taken this genre of music, widely popular in Spanish speaking Caribbean islands and turned it world wide. In fact, his hit song “Propuesta Indecente” made him the only Latino artist to have at least one billion views on YouTube.

What’s so great about Romeo is that he’s introduced bachata to varying artists across the globe, collaborating with the likes of Drake, Usher, and Nicki Minaj, while also not forgetting where he came from. His most recent album Utopia is made up entirely of collaborations with bachateros of the past and present.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a single song in any of his albums worth skipping, which is why he was nominated for Best Latin Album in the Billboard Music Awards 2018.


While it’s hard to do, my top five Romeo songs are:

  1. Hilito
  2. Mi Santa
  3. Promise
  4. Imitadora
  5. Canalla
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