The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World

The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World
Top Five Bachateros: Anthony Santos
Anthony Santos, DASM LLC

Anthony Santos (#2)

At any other point in the last 30-years, Anthony Santos is the greatest bachatero of all time, bar none. However, we are deeply entrenched in the era of another Santos who has taken the bachata world by storm over the last decade.

Anthony Santos broke into the bachata game with La Chupadera, his debut album which was released in 1992. Top to bottom, that album features hit after hit and catapulted Santos into Dominican stardom.

From then on, each album featured another onslaught of hit after hit, making the once disciple of Luis Vargas the most popular singer in the Dominican Republic. Santos went from playing in clubs on the countryside to selling out stadiums and arenas with little room to dance.

In many respects, Santos is accredited with making the genre popular by ushering in different instruments, featuring catchy guitar solos, and writing lyrics so catchy most of his shows feature audience members singing every last word of his songs.

It’s hard to maintain the level of dominance Anthony Santos has held in the bachata game. Since leaving the shadows of Luis Vargas, Santos has become by far the most well-known figure in Dominican music.

Top Five Songs:

  1. Voy Pa’lla
  2. Me Enamore
  3. Creiste
  4. Vete
  5. Por Mi Timidez


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