The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World

The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World

Top Five Bachata Singers: Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas, Chokolate Productions/We Loud

Luis Vargas (#3)

Of all the bachateros in this list, Luis Vargas’ catalog is the most limited. However, a number of his songs are by far the best songs in the history of bachata, which is why he remains so relevant in the genre to this date.

Bachatas like “La Mesa del Rincon,” a song about a man yearning to be together with the love of his life again. Or “Con Los Crespos Hecho,” a 7-minute song about a man’s desperate attempts to get with this woman.

Vargas was fearless in his writing and performative in his singing, utilizing sobs to depict sadness and laughter to intone joy.

He also has a unique way of interweaving lyrics de doble sentido (double-meaning). Songs like “La Traicionera,” a bachata about an unfaithful woman filled with metaphors that describe her untrustworthiness. Lyrics depicting graphically the acts she has committed with another man through a metaphor like, “¡Ay, sácame el cable! ¡Ay, sácame el cable que me está quemando!”

His later career features less popular songs that pale in comparison to his early career. Nevertheless, Luis Varagas is by far one of the greatest bachateros of all time.

Top Five Songs:

  1. La Mesa Del Rincon
  2. Con Los Crespos Hecho
  3. La Traicionera
  4. Ceniza Fria
  5. Loco de Amor


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