The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World

The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World

Top Five Bachata Singers: Raulin Rodriguez Raulin Rodriguez, Cacique Records

Raulin Rodriguez (#4)

The first of the aforementioned trio, Raulin Rodriguez has been in the bachata game for over 30-years and has dropped a number of hits that still receive play decades after being first released. In fact, the first bachata I ever heard on terrestrial radio was “Medicina de Amor,” a heartwrenching ballad that was released 25-years ago this year.

“Medicina de Amor” is still played on terrestrial radio today and is by far the best song in the veteran bachatero’s catalog. That’s not to take away from some of his other hits, which catapulted him to the status of the other two members of the trio, perhaps the greatest bachateros of all time.

Songs like “Nereyda,” a bachata about an unfaithful woman Raulin so desperately wants back, and “Esta Noche,” a serenade to a woman he wants to explore every inch of, show the wide range of topics Raulin explores in his music.

Unlike the aforementioned trio plus El Chaval, Raulin Rodriguez doesn’t play guitar. Instead, he focuses on his unique style of singing, which unlike many bachata singers, isn’t as sing-songy and doesn’t feature sobs.

Top Five Songs:

  1. Medicina De Amor
  2. Nereyda
  3. Esta Noche
  4. Regresa Amor
  5. Dame Corazon


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