The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World

The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World

Top Five Bachata Singers: El Chaval
El Chaval de la Bachata, 829Music Mundial

El Chaval de la Bachata (#5)

For me, ranking El Chaval fifth on this list was the hardest thing to do. In my mind, he is the best bachatero on the planet right now not named – SPOILER ALERT! – Romeo Santos.

Unfortunately, I did have to take into account history when compiling this list and the aforementioned trio has held such acclaim in the motherland that I would be doing them an injustice by ranking them behind El Chaval.

His most recent collaboration with Romeo, “Canalla,” is by far the best song in Romeo’s album Utopia. This is evidenced by the fact that in my last trip to the Dominican Republic the song played on the radio just about every hour. Heck, even my two-year-old daughter who barely speaks any Spanish will at times blurt out the lyrics to the song, “Mala, tu eres Mala…”

It’s catchy, and that’s something El Chaval is good at, creating catchy hooks that stay in your head for days on end. Songs like “Bipolar,” “Hablama de Ti,” and others are great examples of deep cutting songs with interweaving lyrics that don’t leave you.

Top Five Songs:

  1. Cuando El Amor Se Va
  2. Donde Estan Esos Amigos
  3. Hablame De Ti
  4. Estoy Perdido
  5. Canalla


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