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The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World

The Definitive List of the Top Five Bachata Singers in the World

One of the most controversial topics you could have among Dominican friends is ranking your top five bachata singers (aka bachateros). With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and ranked our top five bachateros in the world.

Music in the Dominican Republic is unlike music in the entire world. An artist can top the charts for decades at a time, holding firm to the position of best bachata singer (aka bachatero) or merenguero from generation to generation.

In my lifetime a trio of bachateros has reigned supreme on the Isla for the better part of 30 years. As such, they appear on my list, therefore I won’t reveal their identities just yet.

However, ask someone like say my father who his favorite bachatero is and you might receive an entirely different answer. Sure one or two of my favorites will appear on his list, but other artists like Luis Segura or Victor Estevez might appear, whereas they don’t in my list.

Bachata is a relatively new genre of music in the Dominican Republic, gaining wide acceptance over the last two or three decades. It gained popularity in bars and brothels and was widely believed to be the music of the lower class.

Today, it’s fair to say that bachata is the most widely known genre of music in the Dominican Republic and is perhaps one of the most popular genres of music in Latino-America thanks in part to groups like Aventura, who took the genre and added a boy band twist to it.

As you read forward, I will rank my Top Five Bachateros in the world, providing you with a brief explanation for my ranking. Feel free to express yourself in the comments section below or HMU on Twitter.


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