Top 10 Podcasts Available Now

Top 10 Podcasts Available Now

Top 10 Podcasts: Man In The Window
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Top 10 Podcasts: Man In The Window (#1)

Produced by the Los Angeles Times and Wondery, “Man In The Window” takes you behind one of the creepiest serial killers you’ve never heard of: The Golden State Killer.

“Man In The Window” is something out of a horror movie. Imagine this: a man stands and peaks through your window, tapping to get your attention only to disappear when you turn to look. After days, perhaps weeks, of doing this, the worst happens.

Hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Paige St. John, “Man In The Window” reveals never-before-heard details about one of California’s deadliest serial killers. One with many monikers like:

  • The East Area Rapist
  • The Diamond Knot Killer
  • The Original Night Stalker

Decades after these crimes were committed, the man who ultimately became known as the Golden State Killer would eventually be caught using DNA evidence and other uncanny methods.

Be forewarned, you may lose some sleep after listening to this one.

Listen to “To Live and Die in LA” on:

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