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Top 10 Podcasts: To Live and Die in LA
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Top 10 Podcasts: To Live and Die in LA (#2)

“To Live and Die in LA” investigated the death of an aspiring actress in Los Angeles. Even though the season finale aired on May 17, 2019, it’s never too late to check back on one of the best podcast ever.

In this podcast, Rolling Stone journalist Neill Straus took the true crime genre and spun it on its head. Unlike the “Serial” podcasts, “Live and Die” didn’t drop every episode at once. It also didn’t take an old case and reveal all the gruesome details for the first time like some others we’ve heard (and enjoyed).

Instead, Straus took an ongoing case and investigated it in real-time, releasing his findings week-to-week in a hair raising podcast episode. If you were lucky enough to listen to “Live and Die” as it was released, you understand just how much listeners looked forward to the next episode.

Listen to “To Live and Die in LA” on:

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