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The Replay: The ‘Major League’ Episode

Major League

In episode FOUR of ‘The Replay’ podcast, in honor of the MLB Postseason, we travel back to 1989 to revisit a baseball classic ‘Major League.’

“Major League” is the fictional story of Cleveland Indians’ owner’s plot to tank the season in order to move the team to Miami. When the team catches wind of her plot, they rally together and start to win games.

“The Replay” Episode FOUR, “Major League” contents:

  • (Intro) What’s your favorite baseball movie?
  • (12:56) “Major League” film facts
  • (17:01) Memorable moments
  • (23:39) Did Charlie Sheen juice for his role as ‘Wild Thing?’
  • (28:53) Willie “Mays” Hayes was a walk-on?
  • (32:42) Ed Harris is old as f*ck!
  • (35:21) Quotable moments and film winners

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The theme song, “Wild Ones,” is by Rapternal Music. Rapternal Music by Notty Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Having grown up in Washington Heights, a small Dominican neighborhood just one mile away from Yankee Stadium, Manny is a life-long Yankees fan. He began pursuing his passion for writing about baseball in March 2018 when he co-founded a small baseball media company called Welcome to THE SHOW. Manny is also a contributor at Call to the Pen. Follow Manny on twitter @MannyGo3.

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