The One Where the Cast of ‘Friends’ Reunite!

The One Where the Cast of ‘Friends’ Reunite!

For those of you upset about Netflix losing ‘Friends’ at the end of the year, don’t fret. HBO Max will bring you a 25th-anniversary reunion episode.

Details of a reunion episode of ‘Friends’ on HBO Max emerged in The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday when sources told the publication that “a deal is far from done but the full cast and creators would participate.” According to THR, the unscripted episode will feature the six core members of the show – Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Ross – and show creators David Krane and Marta Kauffman.

The sitcom gained a new following while streaming on Netflix. So much so that the streaming service paid $100M to keep the show on in 2019. The reunion, when and if a deal is completed, would provide HBO Max the boost it will need when it launches sometime in 2020.

Over the last few years, reunion shows/series’ have proven quite lucrative. In fact, the ‘Rosanne’ revival brought upon the type of TV ratings we haven’t seen in years. Also, when ‘Will and Grace’ debuted its revival in 2018, it spawned new life for the series, which continues to air to this day.

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Fans of ‘Friends’ have been calling for a reunion for quite some time now. In return, they’ve received mixed messages from people involved with the show including castmembers.

For example, in early October Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) declared that a reunion would “ruin” the show. However, weeks later, she told Ellen DeGeneres that they cast and creators are “working on something.”

This recent news that all six of the core cast and the creators are in on a reunion episode makes the possibility of it all happening finally realistically possible. The next step, however, will entail scheduling, which could pose a real issue when you consider where all the cast members stand today.

Check back for more details as they emerge.


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