ABO Baseball: The Life and Times of a Bat Manufacturer, Trevor Oakes

In this special bonus podcast, Manny and L.A. sit down with Trevor Oakes, the man behind the up and coming bat company, ABO Baseball. ABO Baseball owner Trevor Oakes stumbled upon bat-making by necessity. After joining an amateur baseball league, he realized that the most important tool on a baseball Continue Reading


Fuller Hitting: The Life and Times of a Hitting Guru, Ryan Fuller

In this special bonus podcast, Manny and L.A. sit down with former Arizona Diamondbacks prospect and the man behind Fuller Hitting, Ryan Fuller. Before Fuller Hitting, Ryan Fuller was just a regular, undersized kid out of Connecticut with a lot of talent. After putting in some work with Matt Harvey‘s Continue Reading

CJ Beatty: The Life and Times of a Baseball and Softball Motivator

In this special bonus podcast, Manny and L.A. sit down with former St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox prospect, THE baseball and softball motivator, CJ Beatty. CJ Beatty is the product of Winston-Salem, NC. The oldest of four children, CJ describes himself as a “go-getter”, someone who could “zap” Continue Reading

Yankees: Luis Severino Takes a Shot at Jacob Degrom and More

In this episode, New York Yankees SP Luis Severino gets an extension and then blasts Mets SP Jacob deGrom. Then, will the Boston Red Sox repeat in 2019? In episode two of the Welcome to THE SHOW podcast, we break down Luis Severino’s 4-year, $40M with from the New York Yankees. Then, Continue Reading

Top Velocity: The Life and Times of a Pitching Guru, Brent Pourciau

In this episode, Brent Porciau joins us to talk about what inspired Top Velocity, “the most comprehensive biomechanical approach to enhancing pitching performance.” What inspired Brent Pourciau to create one of the most innovative pitching programs in Top Velocity came somewhat by accident. After suffering a devastating injury in his first college Continue Reading

White Sox: The Life and Times of a Pitching Prospect, Alex Katz

In this special BONUS POD, Manny sits down with Chicago White Sox pitching prospect and founder of KD Custom Kicks, Alex Katz. Alex Katz is the product of Long Island, NY, a St. Johns grad, current minor league prospect for the Chicago White Sox, and a member of Team Israel Continue Reading

MLB Has Free Agency Problem | MadBum’s Beef with the Opener

In this episode, something is amiss in MLB. How do you fix it? Then, they break down San Francisco Giants SP MadBum’s recent comments regarding the Opener. In the season two premiere of the Welcome to THE SHOW podcast, Manny and L.A. try to figure out what’s happening in MLB. More Continue Reading

The Eephus: A David and Goliath Story

One day in June of 1998, Bob Tewksbury defeated Mark McGwire with one of baseball’s most obscure pitches, the eephus. The elusive eephus pitch is one of baseball’s most effective pitches. According to many, the eephus was invented by Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Rip Sewell way back in the 1930’s.

Baseball Odyssey: Uncovering Babe Ruth’s Lost Home Run

For one week in 1969, a team of researchers uncovered Babe Ruth’s lost home run and MLB officially recognized 715 as Ruth’s career total. It has since been reverted back to 714. David Neft is an American pioneer best known for gathering a team of researchers to create the first Continue Reading