Growing Up Baseball: Introducing Ken Baumgardt

Like many youths, I grew up loving the game of baseball. This is my story. I was blessed to have been born in northern Delaware and situated nearly dead smack between two great baseball stadiums in Baltimore and Philadelphia. They were both my favorites growing up, although I certainly admired Continue Reading


MLB: Scouts Targeting International Ballplayers as Young as 13

According to a report out of the Dominican Republic, MLB scouts are targeting international players as young as 13 and 14 years of age. Earlier this month, Sports Illustrated published a report, by senior writer Jon Wertheim, revealing that the U.S. Department of Justice has undertaken a “sweeping probe” of MLB teams’ Continue Reading

“Baseball Cop” + Eddie Dominguez

Eddie Dominguez is one of the founding members of MLB’s Department of Investigations (DOI)and author of “Baseball Cop.” Eddie joins WTTS to talk about “Baseball Cop” and more! In “Baseball Cop,” Eddie Dominguez shines a light on the inner workings of the office of MLB’s commissioner. He also shows how baseball’s bosses are complicit Continue Reading

Chris Sale Will Sustain His Dominance

Chris Sale has always been a premier MLB starting pitcher. This season, he solidifies himself as one of the best. In Chris Sale’s 2017 season with the Red Sox, it became clearer than ever that Sale is a completely different pitcher in the first half of a season than he Continue Reading

#Kill Trilogy Part Three: Error

The error is one of baseball’s worst stats. That is precisely why the #killtheE movement has picked up some steam. I want you to take a look at three real-life cases. While watching each case, ask yourself two questions: (1) Was this play ruled a HIT or an ERROR? (2)If Continue Reading

#Kill Trilogy Part One: Batting Average

For decades, Batting Average has been hailed as the king of the stats for sportswriters and fans alike. That stops now! When announcers and analysts speak of a player – any player – many will refer to his batting avarege as an indicator of his performance. Visit MLB, SI, or Continue Reading

Matt Kemp: The Resurgence

In December 2017, The Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers pull off what is supposed to be a sweetheart deal for both teams. Matt Kemp wasn’t having it. The Braves part ways with Matt Kemp, who is owed $43 million over two years, and in return they receive Adrian Continue Reading