S2E12: Game of Thrones, John Singleton, and MLB Talk

S2E12: Game of Thrones, John Singleton, and MLB Talk

On S2E12 of the Welcome to THE SHOW podcast, Manny and CT discuss Game of Thrones, John Singleton, and of course some MLB.

This week was filled with a variety of topics. We begin by delving into the world of entertainment, discussing topics like Game of Thrones, the Fyre Festival documentaries, and the unfortunate death of film giant John Singleton. Finally, we wrap a bow on the episode by talking MLB.

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Topics include:

  • (00:00) Intro
  • (01:12) Game of Thrones: Season 8 episode 3 recap
  • (16:34) Fyre Festival: Huge Ja Rule failure
  • (21:57) R.I.P. John Singleton
  • (30:14) New York Yankees talk
  • (48:08) CC Sabathia 3000 Ks.
  • (58:32) Boston Red Sox talk
  • (01:09:01) Players of the week

THIS EPISODE was produced & edited by Manny and L.A.

Music for ALL episodes by VM VargaRapternal Music by Notty Productions

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