S2B9: Alfredo Alvarez on the MLB Cuba Deal Being Nixed

Alfredo Alvarez, Con Las Bases Llenas, discusses MLB deal with CBF

In this special bonus podcast, Manny and CT sit down with Alfre Alvarez to discuss the deal between MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation (CBF) being nixed by the American Government.

Alfredo Alvarez (aka “El Cirujano del Beisbol”) is the founder of Con Las Bases Llenas, an MLB news site en español. He is also the co-host alongside Octavio Sequera of La Semana de los Bombarderos, the best Spanish-language Yankees podcast out there, and contributor at ESPN 990, where he writes and hosts a show two times each week.

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In this episode, Manny and CT discuss the following with Alfre:

  • Understanding the deal between MLB and the CBF
  • The Ramifications of this deal being canceled by the American government
  • The New York Yankees are in desperate need of pitching, how do they fix this problem?

THIS EPISODE was produced & edited by Manny and L.A.

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