Robo Umps; NBA Duo Dynasty; The Real Donald Trump (#101)

Robo Umps; NBA Duo Dynasty; The Real Donald Trump (#101)

In this episode, we touch on potential rule changes in MLB, like the Robo Ump. We discuss why NBA duos remind us of “NBA Jam”. Finally, we delve into who the real Donald Trump is.

Episode #101: “Robo Umps; NBA Duo Dynasty; The Real Donald Trump” Contents:

  • (Intro) – Fantasy baseball woes and tips
  • (9:56) – Stealing first base?
  • (16:49) – Everything you need to know about Robo Umps
  • (30:49) –  Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel revisited
  • (42:50) – These NBA duos are starting to look like NBA Jam 2019
  • (1:00:59) – Political heart to heart; a Q&A from non-expert to non-expert

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