Red Sox fire Dombrowski; Postseason Threats; AL Cy Young, Gerrit Cole

Red Sox, Gerrit Cole, AL Cy Young

In episode #112 of WTTS Pod, we discuss the Red Sox firing Dave Dombrowski, whether Gerrit Cole is the AL Cy Young, the MLB postseason picture, and more!

Episode #112: “Red Sox Fire Dombrowski; MLB Postseason Threats; AL Cy Young, Gerrit Cole” contents:

  • (Intro) – Umpires are human too; McDonald’s then versus now
  • (09.24) – MLB Talk
    • Are the Boston Red Sox finished?
    • Dissecting the decision to fire Dave Dombrowski
    • Can Christian Yelich and Ronald Acuna Jr. make the 40/40 club?
    • Who is the biggest playoff threat?
    • Is Gerrit Cole the 2019 AL Cy Young award winner?

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