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Moonshots: The Longest Homers in MLB, 8/17-8/23 (VIDEOS)

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Who hit the longest home runs hit in MLB? Here are the Moonshots for the week 8/17 – 8/23.

Last week, we were treated to some of the longest home runs imaginable. Moonshots, like Stephen Piscotty nearly hitting the Coke Bottle in Oracle Park; Juan Soto almost hitting a ball out of Nationals Park; and Teoscar Hernandes establishing himself as a sure-fire MLB power-hitter.

This week, a preeminent star hits the second-longest home run of the season, a chiseled veteran enters the top 10… twice, and a certain National creates some controversy.

Now, before we jump to it, we found our information by utilizing Statcast data which can be found on Baseball SavantAny home runs that couldn’t be found, we used RotoGrinders’ twitter page @MLBExitVelocity. We then compiled our data on a spreadsheet and sorted by distance.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Moonshots in MLB for the week beginning August 17– 23.

Willi Castro | DST: 445 ft | EV: 107.4 mph

Detroit Tigers infielder Willi Castro only has 3 HR for his career. This one, off of Cleveland Indians prospect Triston McKenzie was good enough to put Detroit on the board against the Tribe 1-0. It also turns out to be the 10th longest home run hit last week.

Juan Soto | DST: 445 ft | EV: 110.6 mph

Juan Soto dominated last week’s Moonshots. This week, he places ninth with a no-doubt-abouter against Will Smith. This home run got onlookers talking for two reasons:

  1. It was an absolute blast
  2. The intensity of the staredown between Soto and Smith

Some may not like Soto’s swagger, but you have to admit, it’s entertaining as hell!

Alec Bohm | DST: 446 ft | EV: 107.6 mph

Like Castro, Alec Bohm doesn’t have many home runs to his name – he only has one, actually – but this week, Bohm has the 7th longest home run of the week. It came in the top of the second inning in a 0-0 game against the Atlanta Braves. With the count 1-1, Bohm took a 77 mph breaking ball into the pond, deep in center field.

Rafael Devers | DST: 447 ft | EV: 108.1 mph

This season has been a huge disappointment for the Boston Red Sox. Fortunately, one of the shining lights for the organization is beginning to heat up. Not only did Rafael Devers hit the 6th longest home run of the week, but he also slashed an incredible .323 / .364 / .581 in the process.

Jose Abreu | DST: 449 ft | EV: 107.6 mph

Jose Abreu had himself quite the week. Not only did he slash .533 / .563 / 1.333, but he also hit 7 HR in 7-days. Six of those home runs came in just the last three days. This one occurred yesterday against the Chicago Cubs and nearly hit the scoreboard in deep left-center field.

Matt Davidson | DST: 449 ft | EV: 113.1 EV

Last week was the week of the Grand Slam. Now, while most salami’s occurred in San Diego, this one took place in St. Louis where Matt Davidson of the Cincinnati Reds gave his team the lead by hitting the fifth-longest home run of the week.

Jose Abreu | DST: 452 ft | EV: 109 mph

This Jose Abreu home run is very similar to the one he hit against Yu Darvish, only given that it’s slightly more towards center field, it’s much much longer. In fact, the ball is literally inches from leaving the ballpark altogether.

Miguel Sano | DST: 458 ft | EV: 115.8 mph

For Dominicans such as myself, Miguel Sano will always be that cocky kid in the hit documentary ‘Pelotero’. What that film showed us was to never judge a book by its cover. The film made you root against Sano because of his hubris. Conversely, it made you root for his counterpart Jean Carlos Batista who appeared to be more humble. In the end, we learn that Batista cheated his way up, while Sano did it all-natural, with flair and guile.

This home run represents Sano to a tee: natural ability, plenty of flair, and absolute talent.

Eloy Jimenez | DST: 466 ft | EV: 105.2 mph

With this bomb, Eloy Jimenez not only placed himself in the top-10 for this week, but he also enters the top-10 club for the entire season. This Moonshot, off of Colin Rea extended the White Sox lead over the Cubs 9-0 in the top of the 7th.

Bryce Harper | DST: 470 ft | EV: 109.6

Last, but certainly not least is Bryce Harper.

A lot is being made this season about guys like DJ LeMahieu and Charlie Blackmon hitting .400 this season. It seems that nobody is talking about the magical season Harper is having. Not only does he lead the NL with a 1.119 OPS, he now owns the second-longest home run hit this season, right behind Giancarlo Stanton’s 483-ft blast on opening night. SOUND ON!

Having grown up in Washington Heights, a small Dominican neighborhood just one mile away from Yankee Stadium, Manny is a life-long Yankees fan. He began pursuing his passion for writing about baseball in March 2018 when he co-founded a small baseball media company called Welcome to THE SHOW. Manny is also a contributor at Call to the Pen. Follow Manny on twitter @MannyGo3.

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