Mike Trout MVP; Odell Beckham Jr.; ‘Interstellar’ breakdown (#108)

Mike Trout MVP; Odell Beckham Jr.; 'Interstellar' breakdown (#108)

In this episode, we touch on why Mike Trout is without a doubt the 2019 AL MVP; how Odell Beckham Jr. insulted the Browns; finally, we breakdown Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar”.

Episode #108: “Mike Trout MVP; Odell Beckham Jr.; ‘Interstellar’ breakdown” contents

  • (Intro) – Around the league
  • (10:53) – The home run race; worst decisions by MLB teams in 2019
  • (45:00) – Odell Beckham Jr’s backhanded insult; More Antonio Brown drama
  • (53:46) – Carmello-who? Is Tony Parker an NBA Hall of Famer
  • (1:02:59) – Breaking down Christopher Nolan’s 2014 feature “Interstellar”
  • (1:35:39) – On Amy Adams’ 45th birthday, here are some movie recommendations that feature Adams.

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