Would you like to join our team of fearless writers with a passion for baseball? WTTS is looking to hire multiple interns to help build our small, independent media company. So, if you are looking for a good place to start writing about baseball, from home, and you feel that you can produce high-quality content, look no further.

  • Contributors – This is an unpaid internship (for now), where you will be required to provide at-least one article per month. What can you write about? That’s really up to you. We encourage you to write about whatever you are passionate about, so long as it is accurate, original, and 100% your work.
  • Social Media Manager – This is also an unpaid internship (for now), where you will be required to build a social media presence for the company. You’ll be required to share articles and podcasts through various social media platforms while reaching as wide an audience as possible. Want to shoot a funny 1-minute video, go for it! We just require that you run it by one of our editors first.
  • Associate Producer – As we begin to produce episodes for our new podcast, we’re looking for a person looking to assist in making it happen. Responsibilities include:
    • Researching audio/video
    • Writing
    • Editing


So, if you’ve made it this far, that must mean you’re interested. Great! In order to put your name in for consideration to become part of our staff, please e-mail welcometotheshowpod@gmail.com the following items:

  • Your name
  • Vital contact information
  • Previous work experience
  • List any experience in the game of baseball
  • Education history
  • A minimum of two writing samples (note: these do not have to be baseball related)

Feel free to attach your resume/CV to the e-mail and we’ll be glad to take a look. Please be aware that the time between submitting your material and the editors evaluating it may take a while. Do not be discouraged. We painstakingly go over each application and will respond, whether it be positive or negative, to every inquiry.