Hotheadz: NFL Week Four Recap and Looking Forward to Week Five

NFL Week

This week, the ‘Hotheadz’ go over a hectic NFL Week Four and give you some insight on how to make moves to fill those your fantasy roster holes.

Season Two, Episode Six: “NFL Week Four Recap and Trade Strategy” contents:

  • (Intro) Week-4 Recap
  • (17:05) Injury Round-Up
  • (30:40) New Injuries
  • (39:46) The QB Carousel Continues
  • (51:50) Dumpster Fires
  • (56:01) Not Gonna Touch Him: Fantasy football players to stay away from
  • (1:01:01) Targets: Fantasy football players to go after
  • (1:07:35) Trade Strategy

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The “Hotheadz” are THREE guys giving you a different take on the world of professional and fantasy football. If you’re looking for real takes with a touch of insanity, this is it! For more content from the “Hotheadz,” follow @HotheadzPodcast on Twitter.

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