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“Gone! Untold Stories of America’s Pastime” A New WTTS Podcast

On January 15, 2019, the Welcome to THE SHOW family is releasing the first two episodes of “Gone! Untold Stories of America’s Pastime”.

The title, “Gone!”, is a play on what announcers say when a ball is hit out of the ballpark. It also signifies the past, hence, “Untold Stories of America’s Pastime”.

Gone! is a 10-part series, which will be released week-by-week. In it, we will explore stories rarely, if ever told involving the game we all love… Baseball. We’ll uncover Babe Ruth’s lost home run, examine the effectiveness of the “Eephus” pitch, debunk MLB’s banned substance list and more!

Each episode of Gone! is neatly packed and will not exceed more than 30-minutes each. 

Co-host of WTTS PodManny Gómez takes you through a journey of baseball’s unknown beginning on January 15th when episodes 1 & 2 drop on the SAME DAY!

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We’ll have guest appearances by industry experts, like former MLB All-Star pitcher Bob Tewksbury tell you unknown stories, so, make sure to subscribe to be the first to get Episodes 1 & 2 when they drop on January 15th.

Gone! Untold Stories of America’s Pastime will be available wherever you get your podcasts. Click any of the links below to be one of the first listeners to get your baseball fix before the start of Spring Training in February.

As always, please leave a RATING and a REVIEW. This is a “mom & pop” podcast written, directed, and produced by Manny Gómez, cofounder of WTTS Pod, an independent media site. We are not backed by any big companies or corporations. Just a couple of dudes trying to follow our dreams.