Fuller Hitting: The Life and Times of a Hitting Guru, Ryan Fuller

Fuller Hitting: The Life and Times of a Hitting Guru, Ryan Fuller

In this special bonus podcast, Manny and L.A. sit down with former Arizona Diamondbacks prospect and the man behind Fuller Hitting, Ryan Fuller.

Before Fuller Hitting, Ryan Fuller was just a regular, undersized kid out of Connecticut with a lot of talent. After putting in some work with Matt Harvey‘s father, however, Fuller developed a passion for a new style of hitting.

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To Fuller’s surprise, Mr. Harvey didn’t believe in the traditional “swing down” approach that many baseball coaches across America tend to promote. Instead, he believed in using a more on-plane swing and using your body to generate power. Using Harvey’s swing technique, Fuller went from being good to really good.

So much so that after their third baseman was drafted by a big league team, Ryan Fuller got an opportunity to play 3B for the University of Connecticut (UConn). At the time, UConn featured a team filled with current big leaguers. Guys like Matt Barnes, George Springer, and Nick Ahmed.

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Soon after, Fuller was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks where he played rookie ball.

Ryan Fuller, however, had discovered a passion for teaching hitting. Drawing inspiration from Mr. Harvey and Bobby Tewksbury, Fuller decided to focus his attention on coaching instead.

Today, Ryan Fuller’s under the guise of his company, Fuller Hitting, is one of the most sought after hitting coaches in the North East.

Check out the Fuller Hitting site for more information and to check out some of Ryan’s work on Instagram.

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