Five Horror Movies We Absolutely Love to Watch

Five Horror Movies We Absolutely Love to Watch
The Exorcist | Warner Bros.

The Exorcist (#2)

Having been raised Catholic and hearing stories of exorcisms by priests in the Church I went to as a child, this film scarred me for life. Just imagine that some foreign entity enters your body, possessing you for the sake of evil?

I get the chills just thinking about it.

Directed by film legend William Friedkin, this film is based on a 1971 novel by William Peter Blatty of the same title. It couldn’t escape an “X” rating in places like Washington D.C. and Boston.

It is also rumored that the set of this film was cursed. At first, the set used as the home of Regan MacNeil burned down when a bird flew into a circuit box. Then, a series of injuries, particularly to Ellen Burstyn, and near-deaths, particularly to the man who played Father Damien Karras, rocked the set.

Be forewarned, this after watching it, this film doesn’t leave you. Roger Ebert said it best:

“Rarely do movies affect us so deeply…The Exorcist also has that effect–but we’re not escaping from Friedkin’s implications, we’re shrinking back from the direct emotional experience he’s attacking us with. This movie doesn’t rest on the screen; it’s a frontal assault.”


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