Five Horror Movies We Absolutely Love to Watch

Horror Movies
The Shining | Warner Bros.

The Shining (#4)

This film is perhaps the best movie pound for pound on this list. First, it’s directed by perhaps the greatest filmmaker of all time in Stanley Kubrick and stars arguably the greatest actor of all time in Jack Nicholson.

Of ‘The Shining’ the New York Times said,

“Meticulously detailed and never less than fascinating, The Shining may be the first movie that ever made its audience jump with a title that simply says “Tuesday.”

Based on a novel written by Stephen King of the same title, Kubrick took many liberties with the film. So much so, that King wouldn’t endorse this movie as a recreation of his book.

This caused a feud between the two titans, so much so that Kubrick took a subtle shot at King in the film, according to the documentary film ‘Room 237’. At the time, King was known for driving a VW Beetle. Toward the end of the film, when Dick Halloran is driving through a blizzard to the Overlook Hotel, he drives past a red VW Beetle that had been crushed by an 18-wheeler.

While we don’t condone such feuds, fun as they are, this isn’t the reason why we believe ‘The Shining’ is one of the best horror movies to watch ahead of Halloween. The claustrophobic thriller with numerous horrifying scenes – “come play with us” – should serve as a perfect reminder not to seclude yourself on this spooky holiday.

After all, “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”



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