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Fantasy Baseball: Previewing the 2019 Season with ‘The Joker’

Fantasy Baseball expert "The Joker"

In this episode, L.A. (aka “JLA) previews the 2019 fantasy baseball season with Fantasy expert “The Joker”. They talk draft strategy and more!

Throughout the upcoming season of the Welcome to THE SHOW podcast, L.A. will be checking in with Fantasy Baseball experts touching on everything from picking up sleepers on the waiver wire to manipulating ESPN’s Fantasy Baseball algorithm.

In this Quick Hit bonus episode of the pod, L.A. talks to fantasy expert “The Joker” about why he voted to allow each team in his league to have a 2nd DL slot. Then, “The Joker” talks about who the first pick of any draft should be.

*Hint: if you don’t pick Mookie Betts or Mike Trout with the 1st pick, you should be ashamed of yourself*

Finally, “The Joker” makes a case to his league for counting defensive points.

S1|E1 of the Welcome to THE SHOW podcast will be released across all platforms on February 12, 2019, the same day pitchers and catcher report to Spring Training.

Check back for more Quick Hits with L.A. and if you have any fantasy questions or comments (which might get featured on the next show), make sure to utilize the Disqus comments section below.

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