Did the San Diego Padres Overpay for Manny Machado?

Did the San Diego Padres Overpay for Manny Machado?

In S2E3 of the Podcast, Manny and L.A. discuss the following: Manny Machado’s record-breaking contract with the San Diego Padres; the market on Bryce Harper; and whether the pitch clock is messing with the fabric of MLB.

In episode three of the podcast, we break down the record-breaking contract between the San Diego Padres and Manny Machado. After weeks of speculation, it’s official! Machado and the Padres have agreed on a 10-year, $300M contract. Apparently, the Chicago White Sox had made a more lucrative offer, but the deal was laced with incentives and required Machado to earn his money rather than it being guaranteed.

Then, we discuss the Bryce Harper situation. After it was reported that Philadelphia Phillies owner John Middleton visited Harper in Las Vegas with the intention of signing the outfielder to a deal, no contract has been signed yet. In fact, now it’s being reported that the Los Angeles Dodgers are back in the mix and might be enticing Harper to take a short-term deal in LA.

Finally, we talk about Max Scherzer‘s latest comments, which he stated that the pitch clock would ruin the fabric of MLB. To say we disagree would be an understatement.

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What You Need to Know

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Clayton Kershaw is battling dead arm. However, is still expected to make his opening day start.



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