Yankees: What Recent Demotion Really Means for Clint Frazier

Upon acquiring Edwin Encarnacion from the Seattle Mariners, the New York Yankees opted to demote Clint Frazier to triple-A. What does all of this really mean for Frazier? After the New York Yankees suffered a slew of injuries to their team, Clint Frazier got a chance to win over a Continue Reading


Nick Francona Talks MLB Corruption and How to Fix it

In part two of this conversation, Nick Francona recounts instances of corruption in MLB and how he hopes to help in fixing it. As the Assistant Director of Player Development for MLB teams like Los Angeles Dodgers, Nick Francona bore witness to multiple criminal acts in regards to the recruitment Continue Reading

MLB Has Free Agency Problem | MadBum’s Beef with the Opener

In this episode, something is amiss in MLB. How do you fix it? Then, they break down San Francisco Giants SP MadBum’s recent comments regarding the Opener. In the season two premiere of the Welcome to THE SHOW podcast, Manny and L.A. try to figure out what’s happening in MLB. More Continue Reading