Jennifer Lopez: Are the Rumors about Alex Rodriguez True?

On S2E5 of the Welcome to the Show! – podcast, Manny and CT try and make sense of Jose Canseco‘s recent allegations on Alex Rodriguez and his new fiancé, Jennifer Lopez. Just a few days after Jennifer Lopez said, “Yes!” to Alex Rodriguez, Jose Canseco went on a Twitter tirade Continue Reading


Philadelphia Phillies: Why Bryce Harper Chose Length over Dollars

In S2E4 of the podcast, Manny and CT discuss the following: Bryce Harper’s record-breaking contract with the Philadelphia Phillies; what Mike Trout is worth in today’s market; and whether or not the Yankees will “crush” the team HR record again. In this episode, Manny and CT discuss the contract Bryce Continue Reading

Philadelphia Phillies, Bryce Harper Agree on 13-Year, $330M Deal

After months of waiting, Bryce Harper has finally found a team. On Thursday, the Philadelphia Phillies announced that they have signed the superstar outfielder to a 13-year, $330M deal. Two weeks into Spring Training and after all of the rumors circulating, Bryce Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies have finally come Continue Reading

Fuller Hitting: The Life and Times of a Hitting Guru, Ryan Fuller

In this special bonus podcast, Manny and L.A. sit down with former Arizona Diamondbacks prospect and the man behind Fuller Hitting, Ryan Fuller. Before Fuller Hitting, Ryan Fuller was just a regular, undersized kid out of Connecticut with a lot of talent. After putting in some work with Matt Harvey‘s Continue Reading

San Francisco Giants: Latest Team Discussing 10-Year Deal with Harper

In a new twist in the Bryce Harper saga, the San Francisco Giants have now joined a list of teams discussing a 10-year deal with the superstar outfielder. Early Wednesday morning, it was reported that Bryce Harper, his agent Scott Boras and members of the San Francisco Giants – namely Continue Reading

Colorado Rockies: The Implications of Extending Nolan Arenado

On Tuesday, the Colorado Rockies and Nolan Arenado agreed on a 7-year extension deal. How does this impact the rest of Major League Baseball? On Tuesday, Nolan Arenado and the Colorado Rockies shocked the baseball world when it was announced that they have agreed to an 8-year, $260M extension deal. Continue Reading

Did the San Diego Padres Overpay for Manny Machado?

In S2E3 of the Podcast, Manny and L.A. discuss the following: Manny Machado’s record-breaking contract with the San Diego Padres; the market on Bryce Harper; and whether the pitch clock is messing with the fabric of MLB. In episode three of the podcast, we break down the record-breaking contract between Continue Reading