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Welcome to THE SHOW, LLC is an up and coming Media Company and Podcast Network.

It all started with two dudes, Manny Gómez of Call to the Pen and Luis Gómez (aka “L.A.”), with Latino roots talking Béisbol. After failing to find sites that represented their take on MLB, they decided to take matters into their own hands. From there, the Welcome to THE SHOW Podcast (WTTS Pod) was born.

Welcome to THE SHOW, LLC (WTTS) quickly transformed itself into a small, independent Media Company that delivers baseball content for baseball fans, like us.

The mission for Welcome to THE SHOW, LLC is to bring the world of sports to the 21st century by delivering content through PODCASTING, SOCIAL MEDIA, and VIDEO-SHARING SITES. WTTS aims to bring the ever-growing world sports directly to you, without some corporate entity censoring what can and can’t be said.  That means YOUR voice is always welcome and encouraged to participate.

Welcome to THE SHOW, LLC has two podcasts in the “Rotation” (WTTS Pod and Gone!) and three contributors in the “Lineup”. As WTTS continues to grow, we plan on adding podcasts to the “Rotation” and writers to the “Lineup”. People like YOU who love sports and have a unique perspective to share. Interested in becoming a member of the “Rotation” and the “Lineup”? Click HERE!





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