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Anonymous (or not) tips or takes?

Call our FREE voicemail hotline:


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Want to send us information you feel should be reported on? A good option for sharing information is to contact us on Signal, a secure voice and messaging app. You can download Signal for Android or iPhone.

Using Signal to reach us is pretty easy. Here’s how:

Open the Signal app and tap the pen icon (in the top-right on an iPhone, in the bottom-right on Android) to start a new message. Type our phone number in the search box, 908-472-4667. From there, you can send us an encrypted Signal message.

Follow this guide to help lock down your phone and make sure what happens in your Signal app is more private.

If you use your phone to send us a message or call us on Signal, we will learn your phone number. It is always better for our reporting process to know a source’s identity, but we can agree to keep it confidential. The Signal service will also know that you contacted us, but they promise to never log this metadata.



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