Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

You have free access to all the articles of the Observer for being our subscriber. What if you could feel the digital world? That was the innovation that Meta, the new name of the company that owns Facebook, announced on Tuesday when it unveiled the prototype of a “haptic glove”, a device that allows you to touch virtual objects as if they were real. The device is still “in an early stage” of development, but it could be used in the future to interact with the proposed metaverse that the company predicts for the next few years. As Meta explains in a press release, this device “automatically stops” fingers when touching an object when using, for example, virtual reality glasses (the company also owns Oculus, one of the main brands of these devices). At the same time, the “haptic glove” also creates the sensation of “smoothness” of a surface. To be able to simulate all this, the team behind this prototype is “exploring the limits of the combination of auditory, visual and tactile perception to — for example — convincing the system the user is using that he is feeling the weight of an object”. In addition, so that the glove can be “used all day long”, it has “tiny motors that move together to give the [pretendida] handy to the user”.

The prototype of the “haptic glove” that Meta is developing The device will also have an air controller and automatic hand tracking to better simulate this type of sensation in the digital world. The team is still trying to find new materials that will allow the glove to be light and resistant.

Using only your wrist to work on the computers of the future? Facebook already has a prototype

PUB • CONTINUE READING NEXT This is not the first time that Reality Labs Research, Meta’s research department for these innovations, has released prototypes of technology with which they see people interacting with digital objects in the future. In March of this year, Facebook had already announced that it was also developing a bracelet that records brain impulses for more immersive experiences. be invented, the company takes over. In the same way that it has shown what the metaverse can be, Facebook Meta explains that it reveals in advance this type of technology to demonstrate what the future can be with the interaction of the digital world.

Facebook. Parent company is renamed Meta

As Meta announced at the end of October, when the company’s name change was announced, the way we interact with technology “will be more immersive” in the future. “When you’re in a meeting in the metaverse, you’ll feel like you’re there,” predicts Mark Zuckerberg, founder and executive chairman.