Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The holidays of the little ones are almost eternal. pool afternoons with friends or days of sand, beach and mattress fill the hours of your favorite station. There is time for endless card games and even for water games and jets if we don’t have a pool nearby. But, on days when thermometers hover around 40 degrees, we are forced to look for alternatives that entertain them at home.

There are games that melt our brains and with which we can spend great times with family and friends.

We can bet on an afternoon of crafts or prepare ice cream. But in 20deShopping we have the solution: release a new toy at the best price. In the El Corte Inglés sales catalog we have found (up to 60% off!) Lego construction kits. The offers are limited in time and also include a prize draw for purchases over 20 euros. Do not miss the opportunity to add to your collection a new set of the lego city range or ride the latest troll saga with the little ones.

For Troll fans

East Lego set for ages 4+ opens the doors to the creative world to the little ones. It is a game house in the style of the Trolls saga where Poppy the protagonist lives. She folds up and closes to transform into a travel toy that will take the kids to any vacation destination. And with the 52% discount it only costs 10 euros!

Kids can help Poppy shower, style her hair and look for the treasure map.

The little ones can help Poppy to shower, comb her hair and look for the treasure map.El Corte Inglés

Lego City Classics

The adventures in the Lego city are the opportunity to enjoy emulating the characters of the television series with sets such as the police station or the workshop of tuning of vehicles that includes a tow truck and even a small dealership that has dodgy cars for sale at bargain prices. The game is also as it is reduced by 47% in El Corte Inglés.

Lego City sets are the favorites of car lovers.

Lego City sets are the favorites of car lovers.El Corte Inglés

Stories of princesses and castles

Fans of the Disney princesses have a great opportunity to enjoy with belle and her castle. It is a toy in the form of a collectible book that includes the characters from the children’s classic: Mrs. Potts, Chip or Din-Don and, in addition, you can keep everything inside to take it anywhere and have fun away from home.

The Beauty and the Beast set packs up to take on the go.

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