Thu. Aug 11th, 2022


To JapanExpo, Crunchyroll took the opportunity to talk about the future Blu-ray Sailor Moon, announced in 2021. The release is scheduled for November 2022 and here is some concrete for this very good adaptation of the manga by Naoko Takeuchiproduced with courage and talent in 1992. The series, in addition to its TV broadcasts, has had several VHS editions (mangaland) and DVDs (Kaze2013) in France.

“A brand new edition for the first time on blu-ray. A remastered version with in particular the most complete VF ever published so far thanks to the archives which could be found with the help of Toei Animation and Mediawan. A collector’s edition will be released at the same time with a box set that will accommodate the other seasons that will be released in 2023. There will only be 1000 boxes and they will be sold at the same price as the standard edition sold separately.

Otherwise, Crunchyroll will offer a complete box set of the first part of the flagship manga Chainsaw man. While the 2nd part is available on MangaPlus, Chainsaw man will return in a Prestige box of 11 volumes containing 12 ex-libris and the novel Buddy Stories (expected on November 4 in Japan) and which narrates the meeting between Himeno and Aki or even the past of Kishibe & Quanxi. We had to wait to get an idea of ​​the price, but if we follow a similar offer (The Promised Neverland box set), then we will have to pay between 80 and 90 euros. The novel will also be sold separately. Source: Kaze