Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Joe and Anthony Russo They had a spectacular run at Marvel. Beyond dealing with much of the Captain America trilogy (with the winter soldier Y Civil War), Kevin Feig He put them in charge of the diptych that was to culminate Phase 3: a great responsibility in the face of which they did not waver, directing with unanimous applause Avengers: Infinity War Y Avengers: Endgame. The latter remains Marvel Studios’ highest-grossing film (for one season, before the revival of Avatarit was also history), and for all this his possible return to the factory has been a recurring rumour. Without going any further, in the midst of the wage conflict Scarlett Johansson with the dome of Kevin Feig (for the benefits of black widow), it transpired that the controversy had dissuaded the Russian to return to Marvel, opting to explore the streaming realm. there they directed Cherry (premiered on Apple TV +) and there they have recently released the unseen agent, espionage thriller that turns out to be the most expensive production Netflix has ever faced. Following on from The Invisible Agent (starring Ryan Gosling Y Chris Evans), the Russos have proven to be totally in favor of the streaming model, coming to consider cinema as something “elitist”. And diminishing, in this way, his chances of returning to Marvel.

Joe and Anthony Russo

La Casa de las Ideas, aside from its production for Disney+, continues to be attached to traditional distribution, and two major titles announced at the last Comic-Con will join it: Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Y Avengers: Secret Wars. They will be the ones that complete the Phase 6 as Infinity War and Endgame culminated the 3, and these days it has been inevitable to wonder if Feige will want to turn to the brothers again to take charge of these two new films. The creative director of Marvel Studios, however, has denied it via Deadline. “They are not linked to them, and they have been very forthright about it.”The thing is that neither The Kang Dynasty neither Secret Wars They still have a director attached. The Russos would be suitable candidates, as perhaps it would be jon watts (he also created a very choral film, in his own way, as was Spider-Man: No Way Home). But the Russos are delighted to be working with Netflix, Watts has gone to starwars to develop the series Skeleton Crewand Feige believes there’s still time to make new signings. “We don’t like to talk about the theme of each stage until after we’ve released everything. Because all the stories are interconnected and, at the same time, we expect them to be different. Even only now do we perceive what the themes of 1, 2 and 3 are.”“We have several ideas as we go into them, but we like the details to be discovered project by project”. Regarding the brothers, they add that “We love the Russos and they love us. We want to find something else to do together, but not this.”, hinting that even if the next two Avengers don’t pass through their hands, who knows if they could do something else for Marvel. It’s still a shame, joe and anthony have gone so far as to communicate to the media how much they like the comic book arc these upcoming films would adapt.“The series we loved growing up was Secret Wars. It’s incredibly ambitious, it would be bigger than Infinity War and Endgame.”they said. But for now they will stay away. The Kang Dynasty will premiere on March 2, 2025 and Secret Wars the November 7 (yes, after just six months) and it is to be hoped that the search for a director or directors will not take long to begin.Do you want to be up to date with all the latest movies and series? Sign up to our newsletter.