Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Ethan Hawke he is a highly regarded actor, but also a great cinephile, and a lucid conversationalist who occasionally amazes fans with his quiet erudition. That is why this 2022 has been allowed to alternate two very different projects: on the one hand he has played the villain Arthur Harrow in the Marvel series moon knight (giving the retort to a schizophrenic oscar isaac) and on the other he has developed an entire documentary series for HBO Max entitled The Last Movie Stars. This is where she has been able to channel his passion for film, as it is a study of the lives of Paul Newman Y Joanne Woodward.They are projects without much to do with each other, but of which during an interview with Insider Hawke has clarified a surprising relationship. A few days ago the actor Before dawn granted a juicy interview reflecting on the cinema and clarifying issues such as the early retirement of his friend peter weir (director of Dead poets society): now he’s back to chat animatedly about his passion for Paul Newman, and ensure that it was thinking about his figure that motivated him to agree to work with Marvel. Hawke was initially hesitant to work on Moon Knight; Of course, it is not the type of projects where he usually gets involved for a while now.“I remember sitting at my table and I had just been offered Moon Knight, and I was trying to decide whether or not to do it. My youngest daughter, Indiana, who was 10 at the time, said to me, ‘Well, Dad, what would Paul do?’”. And that was the magic question. Paul Newman, of course, never made superhero movies, but Hawke perceives gestures in his career that motivate him to think that he would not have stayed away from big blockbusters that could earn him a lot of money. For example, his participation in the burning colossus from the 70s, a disaster movie that was a box office bomb.

Ethan Hawke in 'Moon Knight'

“Did he admire blockbusters and superhero movies? No I dont think so. She hated doing The Burning Colossus. That was his idea of ​​a big sale. He is seen in physical pain in that movie.”Hawke tells about Newman, who died in 2008 (the same year, curiously, that the Marvel Universe was inaugurated with Hombre de Hierro). The actor believes that Newman would have agreed to do Moon Knight if only to support his family. “It’s still a job. You have to put food on the table.” This does not mean that Hawke did not end up enjoying the experience, since he has always tried to perceive a balance between art and business.“I’m an actor and this is how I pay my children’s medical bills, this is how I put a roof over our heads”Explain. “My job is not to change the world and make it a perfect place. What I have to do is a good job, the best I can. So we all decided that I should do it. And I’m glad I did”.Do you want to be up to date with all the latest movies and series? Sign up to our newsletter.