Tue. May 17th, 2022

It is a reality, the cloud world has become multicloud, for a few years. Which poses a new challenge: hybridization. This implies the possibility of making two or more clouds work in a coordinated manner for the same client. For this reason, Econocom Nexica is a pioneer in the evolution towards cloud services in Spain. The technological infrastructure it employs is based primarily on NetApp technology, a provider it trusts to manage both its internal infrastructure and that offered to its customers. “Econocom Nexica has a historical, very long and satisfactory relationship with NetApp. NetApp also shares our values ​​of closeness and adaptability with Econocom Nexica and has repeatedly demonstrated it during all these years of work and evolution in common”, underlines Damián Pascual Boixader, CEO of Econocom Nexica.

Cloud Econocom Nexica

The Econocom Nexica cloud, known as the Nexica Cloud, is deployed in two data centers located in Madrid and Barcelona. The cloud provider has relied on NetApp All Flash technology to maximize net space usage, offering storage capacity of up to nearly 4 petabytes. In addition, the company relies on NetApp storage virtualization with its ONTAP Select solution, a robust solution with controlled costs and high performance for critical environments. Thus, Econocom Nexica offers a unified high-performance solution in client on-premises environments, which are constantly replicated in the Nexica Cloud so that, in the event of a possible disaster, the client’s entire production platform can be up and running in a few minutes.

This is how the cloud evolves in Spain

Customers looking for reliability, flexibility and closeness

Among the company’s clients, SB Hotels stand out, a hotel chain with more than 700 workers, which ensures through its IT Director, Jordi Puig, that its environments are very heterogeneous and demanding at the system level, “so the reliability in the execution of the services and the integrity of the data is essential”. “If you add to that the immediacy in the provision and the flexibility in the use of services, together with a close and personalized treatment, they are our ideal partners.” Another example is the Sisters Hospitallers, who in the words of José Manuel Beltrán, their CISO, “the professionals at Econocom Nexica have a deep knowledge of NetApp solutions, thanks to which we have been able to accommodate and optimize our systems in on-line environments. – premises, hybrids and 100% cloud safely.”

By Alvaro Rivers

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