Tue. May 17th, 2022

We previously commented on the “Ranking of Best Girl of the Season” published by the popular platform Anime Trending week to week. This type of update always brings with it a certain behavior of the readers, as some support it (if the girl they think wins) and others criticize it (if the girl they think doesn’t win), so it’s always interesting to analyze it. In the first version of this season ranking (which corresponds to the third week, since Anime Trending gives fans that period to meet the girls) she was champion Michon Shikimori from Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san (Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie), but this did not last long. Already in the second version of this ranking for the season of Spring-2022 (April-June)It was Yor Forger from SPY x FAMILY who took the lead. Let’s remember that achieving the majority of the first positions (which would mean winning in more than five of the ten weeks that the ranking will cover during the season) leads the character in question to directly participate in the voting for the entire year. Could it be that any of the season girls will achieve this? Or will the positions continue to rotate for other girls like Kaguya Shinomiya either Shouko Komi? We’ll know in a few months…


Synopsis for SPY x FAMILY

For the agent known as “Twilight”, no order is too high if it is for the sake of peace. Operating as Westalis’ master spy, Twilight works tirelessly to stop extremists from unleashing a war with neighboring Ostania. For his latest mission, he must investigate Ostanian politician Donovan Desmond by infiltrating his son’s school: the prestigious Eden Academy. Thus, the agent faces the most difficult task of his career: getting married, having a child and playing family. Twilight, or “Loid Forger”, quickly adopts humble orphan Anya to play the role of a six-year-old daughter and prospective Eden Academy student. As a wife, she meets Yor Briar, an absent-minded office worker who needs a fake partner to impress her friends. However, Loid is not the only one with a hidden nature. Yor is actually the deadly assassin “Thorn Princess” and for her, marrying Loid creates the perfect cover. Meanwhile, Anya is not the ordinary girl she appears to be; she is an esper, the product of secret experiments that allow her to read minds. Although she discovers her true identities, Anya is thrilled that her new parents are cool secret agents! She would never tell them, of course. That would spoil the fun. Source: Anime Trending


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