Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Luis Coronel is celebrating his birthday today and we give you some curiosities and data that you probably had no idea about our beloved American singer of regional Mexican music. Luis Miguel Coronel Gámez, better known only as Luis Coronel in the world of the music industry, is a talent. I am a very famous North American singer of regional Mexican music. He was born on February 3, 1996, which indicates that in 2022 Luis Coronel is fulfilling nothing more and nothing less than 26 years. Mexican regional music singer originally from Arizona United States has been active in his career in the world of the music and entertainment industry since 2012, and has been the recipient of awards such as, “Premio lo Nuestro to the male artist of the Mexican regional year “Among his curiosities, it is rumored that Luis Coronel Becky G were boyfriends at some point in their lives, it would not be surprising since they are both beautiful and have a lot of fame and a lot of talent, so working with these two celebrities would not sound crazy at all. Luis Coronel initially wanted to dedicate himself to boxing since it was one of his greatest passions, after spending six months living in a gym trying to make his way to professional boxing he simply decided one day to dedicate himself to Mexican music. “My naughty girl” is one of his best songs and one of the ones that made him want to dedicate himself fully to music, this song was so famous that it reached 50 million visits, 5,500,000 fans and more than 2 million followers on Instagram . Luis Coronel is definitely a success story and we wish him many more years to come, leaving his mark on the world of the music industry, and what better than making Mexican music!!!

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