Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Natalia Téllez is already a mother and we will tell you all the details of the talented Mexican driver, how she has spent these first days in her new stage with her partner and that they really have excellent chemistry! Natalia Téllez Martínez is a Mexican television host who participated in rebel being the famous Karen, she had her own program on Telehit and has participated in programs such as today, the voice, net divine, and who is the mask. Natalia Téllez was born on December 16, 1985, which means that she is becoming a mother for the first time at 36 years old and is a symbol of a talented and powerful woman who has come a long way and who today decides to be more. On Instagram she shared her first photo as a mother, she is wearing a nice dress holding the baby and looking at him with great tenderness, we loved this photo, this first photo with her baby that she shared with the public why you can see how she is seeing her baby with tenderness but also with a kind of look of uncertainty and many mixed feelings at the same time. Natalia Téllez is definitely having great moments with Antonio Zavala, who is her partner and the father of her baby. With the wonderful humor of Natalia Téllez, a few days after having her baby, she decided to share photos of a program that supposedly came out that day and she sarcastically puts the following caption, “you cannot miss divine nets where we challenge time and magically I’m still pregnant“, Of course they did not defy time, it is simply and simply a recording that she had to make in order to spend the first days resting with her baby. We are happy to share this news with you and we are sure that Natalia Téllez will be an excellent mother together with her current partner!

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