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According to Explaindio, there is no other program on the market that is both economical and customizable. As a result, while it is possible that this is the case, it does give a comprehensive toolkit for anyone who wants to make animated or explainer videos in whiteboard or comic forms.

The program is primarily touted as a resource for internet marketers, which would be a logical classification for it to be placed under. VideoScribe, an alternative whiteboard animation product that is easier to use but more expensive, is likely to be a suitable fit for educators or other non-business organizations due to its simplicity.


Explaindio’s video editing tools can be used to make full-motion videos and video lessons, among other things. Explaindio is a video production company that specializes in 2D and 3D animated videos. A new set of kinetic typography was recently sent to this video editor. It allows you to produce a series of white animated videos using the white animation feature.


Explaindio can also help you with the creation of logos for your YouTube channel or other marketing campaigns that you may be undertaking. Continue reading if you want to find out the truth about Explaindio, which we have examined in detail.

Explaindio Official Website

What is Explaindio?

Creating animated videos, it’s a highly adaptable application. There are a number of formats you can utilize, along with a whiteboard, 3D models and photographs, as well as additional presets. Drag-and-drop is used to construct the user interface.

The following should be considered qualities of this product:

  • Create videos for promotion or explanation purposes.
  • Styles and file types can be mixed and matched within a single project.
  • Make use of their multimedia collection or make your own from scratch.
  • It is possible to export the finished work in a number of different formats.

Is It A Good Financial Investment?


The service is not free, nor is there a free trial available for it. It is possible to subscribe to two different licenses: personal and commercial. A $10 annual cost and the ability to market films generated with the program under your own name are the only things that separate the two programs.


The software is available for one year from the time of purchase. Upon expiration of the first year, you will be billed for an additional year’s worth of access. When compared to similar products, this is a good deal; nevertheless, Explaindio does not offer a month-to-month membership or a one-time purchase as an option. Even if you just want to use the program for a few months, you need to pay for the complete year.

Explaindio Review: The Characteristics 

  • Explaindio is a powerful video editing tool that works on both Mac and Pc.
  • There are no limitations to what you can do with this film editing program. You are permitted to export and import an unlimited number of films and audios.
  • Explaindio video processing software allows you to create high-quality 2D/3D animated videos.
  • You can import your videos and audio files into the Explaindio media editing tool for editing. Or, to put it differently, you can always count on getting the best possible results.
  • The front-end edition of this tool gives you access to 180 pre-made video animations, which you may use to create your own animations.
  • In this video editor, the main distinguishing feature is the ability to customize the chronology. Every element of movie editing is completely under your control with this program. You have the option of creating a timeline and synchronizing each video element according to your criteria.
  • In addition, you’ll get access to books of over 200 which was before template designs.
  • Pixabay is a partner of Explaindio, and you can use their images for your projects as a result of this agreement. To put it another way, you’ll rarely run out of aristocracy images to incorporate into your projects.
  • In addition, there is a font library that has over 300 different types of fonts. Aside from that, it can be seen in movies of whiteboard animation.
  • Finally, you will be able to generate a high figure of 2D/3D animation for your projects with this software.

Why Explaindio Software?

Spending plan

So is the Explaindio video editor groove with features, but it is also easy to use. In addition, the price is cheap. Explaindio is among the most cost-effective video editing applications available on the market right now. Furthermore, there are a number of video editing software that is less expensive than Explaindio to choose from. You will, however, have to make certain concessions in terms of capability in order to do so.

Explaindio Official Website

Using Videos to Draw People’s Attention

In the past, people relied on newspapers to get their daily dosage of information, but then those days are gone. As visual content becomes more widely available, consumers are more interested in hearing and seeing videos. Another previously released material is no longer attracting the attention of the target audience.

Explainido Video Editing Software: The Credibility Test

Are you interested in why this movie maker gives so many benefits? This video editing tool for both novices and professionals is fully legal and virus-free, and it is completely free. It is a dependable program that has ruled the marketplace for the better part of a quarter-century.


Explaindio Video Creator makes a triumphant return in 2014. Later on, the revised iteration grew in popularity and established itself as a leading player in the industry. Explaindio is now in the process of developing its fourth version. This video creator has already won the hearts of many people.


Explaindio is a safe application. A significant number of people know about them because they’ve been in the company since around 2014 or so. The page has been scanned by Norton Safe Web, and the installed software is safe for your computer.


Getting from the Zip file to your programs is straightforward, and its primary function is to import files by communicating with your computer.

How To Get It?

Once you have paid for Explaindio, you will not be able to install the app. You’ll get login details through the mail after completing your transaction, and you must visit: to visit the member site. This URL is not listed on their webpage, making it extremely difficult to find for non-users.


After logging in, you’ll be sent to a screen with your account information, from which you can download the application.


Make your selection from the “Current Resources” column, and then scroll past the advertisements until you hit the download link. Some ZIP packages will automatically download immediately away. After unzipping, enter the PKG file then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.


This deployment differs from more modern DMG installs in that you must complete six steps before it is completed successfully.

Explaindio Official Website

Once the installation process is complete, the program will be located in your application folder. Please keep in mind that if you can use a Windows computer, they will need to follow a different approach.


Launch Explaindio for the first time by selecting it from the applications folder. We were anticipating a dialog box to show soon after clicking the button. Instead, We were told that I had to update the software. We were disappointed. Since any program you download is the most recent version accessible, this was surprising.

Explaindio 4.0 & The Offerings

With Explaindio 4.0, you get the best motion, whiteboard visual effects, and animation video-making tools available. There is no other desktop video editing software that offers all of these features in one package. This tool is easy to install and also use and may change quickly you from the video newbie to a video master.


In commercial or demo films, large conversions can now be achieved thanks to high-quality effects. Any type of video can be made with the software. Only engage in it for your personal pleasure or for commercial purposes.

Explaindio: Finding Of Fact

To conclude our Explaindio critique, we hope that we have allayed all of your fears and anxieties. The newest Explaindio 4.0 version has a host of essential improvements that will make your life easier. In addition, the price of this software is competitive. You should use Explaindio if you want to curate explainer films for your website or blog. To be on the safe side, start with the trial plan and later upgrade to any Explaindio membership level.

Explaindio Official Website