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Competitive and professional shooting games are rapidly growing and becoming a trend in the mobile industry. Nowadays, games are not restricted to only desktops, rather they are available on Android devices also. Both smartphone hardware and game development are getting to that point where Android devices can deliver high-quality gaming experiences, even for first-person shooters. Any game lover that shoots is the favorite and most popular genre for a very long time. Since the time of Quake, Counter-Strike, and Time of Doom, shooting games have been on top of the chart. Moreover, it is not surprising to know that shooting games are popular among Android users.

A lot of difference is there between traditional desktop games and games that are available on mobile devices. These games are specially designed to play on a touch screen hence the gameplay also differs a lot. Android shooting games have cut out a great deal within the gaming community, and just like desktop games Android shooting games also reward teams who can train and practice together and you can even indulge in the game and have fun. Spill out some blood with some of the best Android shooting games available in the gaming niche.

Besides enjoying shooting games you can even try some other awesome games that would make you thrilled. Try out some new games at PlatinCasino and get accustomed to varying types of games. But, you can’t experience much action in any other type of game rather than shooting games. Whether they are a first-person shooter or third person shooter, you are in with lots of bullets and explosions. Shooting games are getting more famous nowadays, so, have a look at some shooting games that are best for Android devices.


  1. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger, a modern zombie game that consists of zombie killings, and became so popular that its makers decided to come up with its sequel Dead Trigger 2 with better features. The graphics and gameplay of this shooting game are much better than its first part and it shines much brightly and is more addictive than its predecessor. This version of the game is a little bit different as players can have their crew and hideout, and the crew helps to build stuff for them. You have to just move the crosshair over the zombie, and if the player is in range, the shooting starts automatically. Lots of missions are available for players to enjoy.


  1. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead, an apocalypse game that includes simultaneous shooting, and earned so much fame that its makers decided to come up with its sequel Into the Dead 2 with better gameplay and features. The game includes endless shooting and running that makes it one of the best games, survival is the only key of this game. In this game, the player has to run repeatedly for objectives through lots of zombies and need to kill them whenever they come in your way. The game includes various features like multiple endings, a dog companion, some great defense mechanics, several weapons, and great graphics. The game looks very great due to its anemic color palette.

  1. Call of the Duty

Call of the Duty, a leading game in the shooting games niche and is now available for Android users. The game is very popular and includes enough game modes to gain the interest of players. One of the modes is 100 player battle royale mode with classic team deathmatches. Players can unlock gear over time with various famous equipment and characters. The game offers both first-person and third-person and has become an addictive game. The Call of the Duty game is safe and the best option for shooting fans.


4.Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat series is out with its new version ‘blackout’ and is considered to be one of the best shooting games on Android devices. The game includes great graphics and a huge following along with lots of fun. It also consists of a multiplayer mode that makes the campaign more popular. The game provides every player with several advantages and perks.


  1. Critical Ops

Critical Ops comes under the best first-person shooter that is fit for Androids. The game provides the player with three game modes – team deathmatch, gun game, and bomb diffusing, and you get varying weapons whenever you kill an opponent. The game comes with several features like several types of weapons, awesome graphics, and online multiplayer and always provides a learning curve for players.


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