Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

The first part of the fifth and final season of La Casa de Papel will arrive on Netflix on December 3. With the intention of promoting this new installment, Jesus Colmenar, executive producer of this successful Spanish series, offered an interview to the Indian Express site to talk about various topics, including the possibility of a spin-off.

When questioned about a spin-off series about the life of The Professor, a character played by the Spanish actor Alvaro Monte, Jesus Colmenar assured that this was already addressed within the original story: “Perhaps, but it is already in La Casa de Papel . I mean: his story, his reasons, his whys… It will be told”.

Netflix has the last word

However, not all is lost as the executive producer assures that there are other supporting characters whose story deserves to have their own series: “The spin-offs of a supporting character that attracts a lot of attention work, and you can create a new series based on their story”.

Likewise, Jesus Colmenar explained that making a series about a character is not an easy thing: “When you do a spin-off it has to be about a totally different universe and you have to focus on other aspects… You could do a spin-off about all the characters, but at the same time I think the series already tells its stories”.

Finally, the executive producer of the La Casa de Papel series assured that he could create a spin-off series but that the last decision is made by Netflix: “We could do a spin-off on any of them, but we would have to create a new universe…So the answer is yes, but it depends”.

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