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Uthred’s fight will conclude with Season 5. You can read here when the new episodes “The Last Kingdom” will continue on Netflix and what else you need to know about the final.

Netflix has officially confirmed the fifth season of “The Last Kingdom”. Leading actor Alexander Dreymon and his fellow actors announced the good news in person in a video message via Twitter:

“The Last Kingdom” Season 5: Launch on Netflix.

The last time we had to wait about two years for the new episodes. The ongoing pandemic does not make the production of the fifth season any easier, but filming in Hungary started with a little delay. We expect the ten new episodes of season 5 ideally at the end of 2022, but more likely in spring 2022.

“The Last Kingdom” Season 5: What’s Next?

With the fifth season, the series has arrived at the ninth volume of the novel by the British Bernard Cornwell. About two volumes are filmed per season. The current fourth season showed the events from Volume 7  “The Heidenfurst” and Volume 8 “The Empty Throne”. Season 5 then continues with Volume 9 “The Dark Warriors” and Volume 10 “Der Flammentrager”.

There is still enough literature for further seasons, the latest Cornwell book “The King’s Sword” was only published last autumn and another novel is also said to be in the works. Nonetheless, Netflix has decided to wrap up “The Last Kingdom” with Season 5.

– Warning, spoilers will follow –

Do you want to know how it will go on now? Then here’s a sneak peek at the events of Book 9, although we don’t want to reveal too much, of course. But let me say this much: The fragile peace between the Danes and the English is threatened when a horde of Northmen attacks Merzien. Their leader is called Ragnall Iverson and is no stranger to Uthred. Ragnall is the brother of Uthred’s son-in-law Sigtryggr. As a reminder, at the end of season 4, Uthred’s daughter Ealdgyth and Sigtryggr left to set up a Danish colony on English soil. This means that Uthred is once again caught between the fronts.

The season finale left a few questions unanswered, which will hopefully be answered in the fifth season:

Uhtred had to give up Bebbanburg again and cope with the tragic death of his foster father Berocca. Will he try again in season 5 anyway? On top of that, this is not the only loss. Instead of the longed-for family happiness, Uhtred expects to say goodbye to his offspring and Uhtred is also unlucky in love affairs. This time he even gives up his relationship with Aethelfled voluntarily so that she can rule over Merzien as a chaste queen.

Uthred has to go out alone with his men again, with one small exception: Edward’s illegitimate son was placed in Uthred’s care. The child is currently not a favorite for the throne. But who knows, Uhtred may raise the future King of England. This means that the disputes for the throne in season 5 are virtually inevitable.

Meanwhile, Brida gives birth alone and abandons her child. Will birth tame her pride or will she join the Northmen in revenge? Queen mother Aelswith, in turn, has to struggle with death. Will she survive the poison attack and does the intrigue come to light?

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