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The Flash Season 8: Latest News About The New Season Is Here!

A new season of ” The Flash ” awaits us in November 2021! With season 8, “The Flash” on US broadcaster The CW becomes together with ” Arrow ” the longest-running series in the DC television universe, namely Arrowverse. ” Batwoman ” and ” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ” are also coming back soon with new episodes. Both series start on October 13, 2021.

Release date of “The Flash” Season 8

On Tuesday, November 16, you will be able to enjoy the new episodes.

Is there a trailer for “The Flash” Season 8?

Despite the upcoming start in November, there is currently no official trailer for “The Flash” Season 8 that we can show you here. But that will certainly change in the coming weeks.

The Flash: Season 8 Plot

After defeating Godspeed and Eobard Thawne’s escape, Barry seems calm again. But experience has shown that it will not stay that way for long. It is already certain that Iris will no longer have any superpowers and will increasingly throw herself into her journalistic activities.

In addition, the two characters Bart and Nora, Barry and Iris’ children, will be back in the new episodes. Not in leading roles, but as a guest actor.

Mark Pedowitz, chairman of The CW, has already revealed that various characters from the Arrowverse will appear in Central City in the first 5 episodes. Of course, there is enough room for speculation as to which series it might be. One month before the start of the eighth season of “The Flash”, however, “Batwoman” season 3 and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” season 7 start. There are of course various options for crossover episodes.

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