Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

“Law and Order” has been on the small screen for more than three decades in which it has managed to win the interest of viewers, who not only saw the original fiction but also enjoyed the various spin-offs it had. This year a few new projects had been confirmed that we’re going to make NBC almost have a marathon with the most beloved officers. Unfortunately, one of them will not follow its course

Deadline confirmed that one of the shows that spun off the NBC police drama was canceled by the signal. The fiction was supposed to begin airing next fall and it remained to know some details about its cast. At the moment, it will not be pursued, even though many of those involved were confident that it would be a success.

“Law and Order: For Defense”, which was to focus on the justice system, not so much how cases were resolved but how criminals were prosecuted, was removed from the NBC catalog. Its first season had been confirmed in May, with Carol Mendelsohn as showrunner.

The positive side has to do with the fact that despite this, fans of “Law and Order” will not miss the opportunity to see more hours of the show. It was confirmed that the signal is already working on another project that did not give too many details. It is not supposed to be a legal drama like “For the Defense” was going to be.

Came back to stay

The one who in no way wants to say goodbye to “Law and Order” is Christopher Meloni, who after his departure in 2011 – during the 11th season of the show he left due to financial differences – returned to have his own spin-off, Organized Crime. The show concluded its first season with good reviews and has already confirmed its second installment, which would arrive in September.

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