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Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date On Amazon Prime Videos

The third season of Jack Ryan was officially confirmed on Amazon Prime Video, but there are still many questions about the new season. Season two left fans in a cliffhanger after Jack Ryan, played by the brilliant John Krasinski, teamed up with his longtime colleague James Greer (Wendell Pierce), the head of the CIA station in Venezuela Mike November ( Michael Kelly), and German intelligence operator Harriet “Harry” Baumann (Noomi Rapace), among others, as they investigated a shocking conspiracy.

From a mysterious satellite launched in the South China Sea to the suspicious presidential elections in Venezuela, the team came together to uncover the truth and left fans wanting to see more. Although the season is confirmed, due to filming delays, it is still high up in the air when the season will air and what it will be about.

Will the return of Dr. Cathy Mueller finally take place?

Some fans and critics, while both agreed that the second season was enjoyable to watch, they felt something was missing from the first season. Although the question remains what it is, something that was obviously missing was a major character from the first season, Dr. Cathy Mueller.

As Jack Ryan’s love interest, it was quite a shock that he didn’t appear in any episode or even mention where he was. His story seems unfinished and many fans wonder where he is and what he is doing. In the books, Cathy and Jack end up married with children, so it seems reasonable to predict that their return is planned in the future.

Jack Ryan’s third installment will have a new director

Sadly, showrunner Carlton Cuse, also known for Lost and Bates Motel, will be leaving his role as showrunner for Jack Ryan’s third season. But not all hope is lost, as the substitute, Cuse has already been found in the creator of Prison Break on Fox, Paul Scheuring. With his impressive resume, it’s no wonder fans are just as excited, if not more, to see Scheuring’s take on the iconic character.

Could you change the tone and overall feel of the show? It’s possible, but the basic elements that made Jack Ryan so popular should stick around, and they could put an interesting twist on next season. It’s also worth noting that Cuse will continue to executive produce and influence the series, though perhaps not as much.

When Will Season 3 Release?

As with all series and movies today, Covid-19 has been a major obstacle to production and filming. With many delays and a ton of protocols to adhere to, the series’ premiere date remains completely unknown. The first season of Jack Ryan premiered in mid-to-late 2018, while the second season premiered 15 months later, in late 2019, so by that logic, the third season should already have come out, but of course, a delay is to be expected.

On positive news, reports have suggested that filming for the new season started rolling towards the end of 2020, or most likely early 2021, so an extremely late premiere in 2021 or a premiere in early 2022 is to be expected.

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