Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Now the “Final Space” fever can break out again in and we can get in the mood for the “Rick and Morty” start soon. A fourth-season “Final Space” is almost certain, however.

Series inventor Olan Rogers revealed a few years ago that he had material for a total of six seasons in mind. From this perspective, another season of “Final Space” is no problem. When the third season will make it on Netflix is still unclear, but it now appears weekly on TNT Comedy in the evening program. By the time we get to the finals in Germany, we should have known about the future of the series from the official site.

“Final Space” Season 4: When are the new episodes coming?

We can’t assume an extension just because a man’s imagination has already made up six seasons in total. Even Rogers himself, who speaks the voices of Gary and Mooncake in the original version, also noted in this context that he also has an end ready if the dismissal threatens.

So far, the official confirmation has actually taken place very close to the finale on US TV, so we can expect that Adult Swim will announce within one to two weeks from June 14, 2022, how they want to proceed with the series. The second season topped the first season in terms of quota and there was also a successful worldwide secondary exploitation on stream and TV. During the first two seasons, the protagonists managed to build a stable and enthusiastic fan base. It remains to be seen whether this could be mobilized sufficiently with the third season.

Fans can now enjoy the 13 new episodes every week. Before they are done with it, it should have already been decided whether a fourth season “Final Space” is a safe bet. At this point, we will keep you up to date.

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