Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Elite is one of the Spanish Netflix series that raises the most controversy given the content it presents. The program that is carrying out its fourth season had an important change in its cast, but it maintained the interest of the millions of fans who follow the events around Las Encinas school. But beyond fiction, the scandal also reached the personal life of Pol Granch, one of its protagonists, after the harsh accusation of a famous.

One of the new Elite characters is Philippe, precisely the one played by Pol Granch. Philippe is a Prince of the Franco-Spanish royalty who, after growing up in France, his parents send him to Spain after, in their country, he is accused of abuse against a young woman. This young woman is still unknown and it is believed that she will probably arrive in the fifth season. The funny thing is that the bad reputation now also splashed the actor.

Although the accusations against Pol Granch are not of the same type as those of his character Philippe, they are of significant gravity. They were made by the famous Spanish rapper Maria Socas, who via Twitter spoke about her experience with the artist who appears in Elite and, in her complaint, described him as “misogynistic”.

“Pol Granch, since you screwed me up at the Los 40 party in 2019, when you treated me like shit, I’ve been quiet. You go out in Elite, you dress like Harry Styles and sing tontipop trivia because a lot of people have looked the other way. For me: fuck you,” Maria Socas began against Pol Granch, the actor who gives life to the controversial Philippe in the new season of Elite. Not satisfied with this, in another message he redeemed the bet.

Maria Socas denounced that Pol Granch not only mistreated her verbally but also physically abused her and other women. “You are a misogynist, I have never spoken out against anyone because I do not know certain realities. But not only have you treated me badly, you disrespected me and pushed me several times, but many girls in different ways and much worse,” he wrote the rapper against the Elite actor, who until now did not come out to clarify the situation.

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