Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop. At the end of the second season of “You”, Joe Goldberg moves to a peaceful family suburb with his pregnant partner, Love. Everything suggested that he had definitely taken off the costume of the psychopathic stalker, to go about a tidy life as a responsible father. But that was without counting on the last clue delivered by Netflix. Indeed, the streaming giant continues to titillate the nerves of fans of the series, so troubled by the outcome of the second chapter (Joe meets a new neighbor who could quite become his new prey) that on the lookout for a release date for season 3.


Always in tune with current events, the platform has posted a tweet, the 1 st of July, referring to the extension of paternity leave in France. “Good news for future dads: the length of paternity leave is changing! “, She begins with optimism, before attacking us with” Bad news: Joe does not change “, in the rest of the publication. What to answer quite clearly to the fateful question: Joe, camped by Penn Badgley, does not seem to have drawn a line on his obsessive behaviors, nor put in the closet his appetite for the hunt for girlfriends.

For now, while the theories abound on the Internet, no information regarding the synopsis of this next round of episodes has been disclosed. Fans of “You” must therefore stick to these clues scattered here and there. Or the latest novel, recently published, by Caroline Kepnes from which the series is drawn. Although the latter allows herself some freedoms, it is a safe bet that the protagonist will (re) find himself stuck in a new toxic love – with a certain Mary Cay – which could lead to many twists and turns. As for the release date, if it had vaguely been indicated for the end of the year, Netflix still leaves room for doubt, with its “YOU season 3, soon” which completes its post. So many mysteries.


The new season of You doesn’t have a release date as of now, but Netflix has previously announced that the show will be released in 2022 itself.

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